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Swaziland Ashihara is situated in the North East of Swaziland in Mbabane, the capital city, Manzini, the hub and Siteki the Lowveld. The school was introduced by the Late Nidan - Mathokazi Dlamini in conjunction with Shihan Hoosain Narker of Ashihara Karate International. Shihan was invited to Swaziland  by Mathokoza Dlamini for a demonstration of Ashihara Karate in 1986 and that is when the journey begun.
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Swaziland Ashihara Karate is governed by three main bodies. The International Organisation in Cape Town (AKI), the Swaziland National Sports Council (SNSC) and the Swaziland Martial Arts Federation (SMAF). We are affiliated to these three bodies.

In our own association, we have the Executive and the various clubs in different parts of the region.  Every member of the executive also heads the different committees, like the marketing Committee, the technical committee, the finance committee and the disciplinary committee.  It is important to say that our Association is mostly parents driven as volunteers in terms of organising events in the various Committees and as officials.

Like any other Ashihara Karate school all over the world, we practice the practical nature of Ashihara Karate. We work on Sabaki with a partner and shadow sparring. Sabaki is stepping out of line of an attack, into the side or behind opponentís blind spot to counter attack. We also practice the bo (wooden stick) and also kata as our grading requirement. We practice self defence for kids and adults so as to prepare them for a street confrontation.

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A new technique book on Ashihara Karate Sabaki to be launched late 2021 - see www.karatebook.info

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